Zamtel Connected Car


Introducing Zamtel ConnectedCar, A Fleet Management Service with real time tracking and monitoring system which relays vehicle data to the owner or fleet manager on the geographic location and status of their vehicles.

It allows you to view your vehicles current location in real time and monitor where it has been on your computer or phone via the ConnectedCar responsive Web portal. The ConnectedCar web portal is optimized for easy viewing and navigation and allows you to monitor your fleet while you roam anywhere in Africa.


1. Real Time Vehicle Tracking

This allows you to monitor from anywhere, anytime, using your computer or mobile device, the actual location of your vehicles in real time on the ConnectedCar responsive Web portal. The ConnectedCar Map is highly detailed with accident zones, speed limit zones and detailed road information.

2. Driver Behaviour

Get notifications and reports on driving behaviour events such as harsh braking and harsh acceleration.

3. Panic Button

Now your driver can alert you of any event or threat by simply pressing a panic button helping you react promptly.

4. Fuel Management.

Has user defined approximation module that gives trip fuel consumption estimates based on pre-determined vehicle consumption rates. Fuel management has an option for fuel sensors that give accurate fuel information and reports.

5. Geo Fencing

Set up your own geographical driving zones for your drivers and receive enter and exit alerts when a vehicle is driven in or out of the set zones.

6. Reports

Get customised reports as part of management tools to suit your individual reporting needs – historical trip summary and time reports, total kilometer’s travelled, stops, driver behavior, etc. The system allows for scheduling of time to receive specified reports via email with up to 4 recipients configurable.

7. Start/Stop Intervals

Know exactly when and where a vehicles ignition has been switched off and on and for how long.

8. Multiple Driver Identification

Keep a tab on which driver was driving which vehicle and when. Each driver will have their own tag and will be tracked independently.

9. Route Management

Assign vehicles to particular routes with set start point, check points and destinations and receive alerts as drivers approach the checkpoints and destination

10. User Defined Points of Interest (POI)

A point of interest, or POI, is a specific point location on map that a customer may find useful or interesting. You can easily set your own points of interest, which could be your customers or suppliers on the detailed Zamtel ConnectedCar map.

11. Sub- Users

Now you can easily add users under your account and assign them roles and vehicles they will be able to monitor and manage.


Installation Fee Monthly Subscription
K 1,950.00 K 234.00


Q: What is Connected Car?

A: Connected Car Fleet Management Service (FMS) is a world class real time vehicle tracking and monitoring system which monitors & relays vehicle data to owner or fleet manager on the geographic location and status of their vehicles. This helps fleet owners to effectively manage, control and monitor their fleets and human resources remotely via a responsive web portal optimized for mobile devices, tablets, computers and assists in reducing fleet running costs.

Q: What is vehicle tracking?

A: It is a system that allows you to locate the exact position of your vehicle or fleet at any given time.

Q: What does it use to track my vehicle?

A: It uses the satellite systems orbiting the earth to locate the position of your vehicle and transmits that position to Connected Car server using GPRS giving the exact location of your asset.

Q: Besides cars what else can I track?

A: Any other mechanical piece of equipment with at least a 12volt battery including motorcycles, boats, tractors, compressors and earthmoving equipment.

Q: What is Fleet Management Service (FMS)?

A: This is the vehicle tracking option that allows you to use all functionality including live vehicle tracking, SMS and email alerts, automated reports, creating sub-users, and creating virtual geographical fences. It is the option for all corporate customers as well as individuals with more than one vehicle.

Q: What is Personal Vehicle Management (PVM)?

A: This is the vehicle tracking option for personal customers with only 1 vehicle. It allows them to do live vehicle tracking of their vehicle and receive SMS and email alerts. It does not have full functionalities of FMS.

Q: Where can I have my vehicle installed with the FMS?

A: Almost anywhere in Zambia from safe and secure customer premises.

Q: Where do I receive information about where my vehicle is and any other information about it?

A: You can get this information in your account on the internet on your computer or smart mobile device. Automated reports can also be set to go to the email addresses of people you choose at the times you stipulate. You can also set to receive notifications about things you need to attend to as they happen. Notifications can come to mobile phone numbers you specify, email addresses you choose and as pop ups in your internet based tracking account.

Q: Can I programme notifications like when service for each vehicle is due?

A: Yes. You register different events including service alerts, licensing alerts, refuelling events and any other that are useful to you. The system will then send you notifications to remind you according to what you set.

Q: Do I require training for me to be able to use the Connected Car tracking system?

A: Yes, you need to be trained for you to be able to fully utilize the system and derive the full benefits of it. Training of system usability will be done at the point of device installation.

Q: Will the tracking unit be concealed or visible after installation?

A: The tracking unit will not be visible as it will be hidden in the vehicle and will not be detectable as it does not make any noise/sound.

Q: Who can register for Connected Car?

A: Anyone with a car can register as long as you have your vehicle registration book, insurance cover note, your ID and Certificate of Incorporation in case of companies. You will complete an application form that will be vetted within one day of submission.

Q: Where can one regiater for the service?

A: At any Zamtel shop or appointed agent.

Q: What reports can I get from Connected Car?

A: Reports available include; Trip, stops, speed, events, parking, Geofence, violations, connectivity and vehicle maintenance reports. NB: More reports are being added as functionality is added to the solution.

Q: What are the requirements for one to register for Connected Car?

A: Personal vehicles:

1. Completed Connected Car Application Form

2. Copy of Vehicle Registration Book

3. Proof of vehicle ownership in form of agreement of sale or affidavit if vehicle is not in applicant’s name

4. Copy of Vehicle Insurance

5. Copy of Customer ID or Drivers Licence

6. Signed Terms and Conditions

Corporate vehicles:

1. Completed Connected Car Application Form

2. Copy of Vehicle Registration Book

3. Proof of vehicle ownership in form of agreement of sale or affidavit if vehicle is not in company name

4. Copy of Vehicle Insurance

5. Copy of Company Certificate of Incorporation

6. Copy of ID or Drivers Licence of Signatory

7. Signed Terms and Conditions

Q: How much is required for one to register?

A: Registration attracts a one-off installation fee of K1,950.00 per vehicle, which includes the device cost, installation and tracking.

Q: What are the recurring service charges?

A: A monthly service fee of K234.00 per month per vehicle will be charged for Fleet Management Services (FMS).

Q: How can I pay for my Connected Car vehicle tracking service?

A: Payment can be made through any Zamtel retail outlets or by Bank transfer. More payment options will be made available and communicated in due course.

Q: When are installation and subscription payments due?

A: Installation fees come with the application. All subscription payments are due monthly in advance.

Q: Is there an option to make payments in advance?

A: Yes. Customers have the choice to pay for as long as they want in advance.

Q: What happens when I do not pay for my tracking service subscriptions?

A: You will be disconnected and will not be able to access information about your vehicle(s). Zamtel reserves the right to retrieve the tracking device from a non-paying customer.

Q: How many cars can one register on Connected Car?

A: There is no limit to the number of fleet registered under one company or individual.

Q: What happens if the Zamtel data network is down or unavailable?

A: You will not be able to have real time tracking, however, when the network comes up again, normal services will resume and the system will retrieve historical data and complete trips done while data network was unavailable.

Q: Does the tracking platform have a Mobile Application?

A: We use a customizable website application to track your vehicles on any smart mobile device.

Q: Does Connected Car offer Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

A: Zamtel connected car are able to track the location of the vehicle with the help of well-equipped teams in case any vehicles are stolen. Terms and conditions apply.

Q: In the event that my Car is stolen what’s the procedure?

A: You should immediately report the matter to the Police and visit the Zamtel outlet or your account manager with a police report or notify us through the toll free number 2111. Terms and conditions apply.

Q: Does Connected Car offer tracking services outside Zambia?

A: Yes, the customer has to request for activation of roaming on the vehicles if the cars will be going outside of the Zambian territory. Zamtel has roaming partners all over Africa.

Q: When must International Roaming be activated or deactivated for a vehicle?

A: A letter of request and signed Roaming Application form must be submitted ideally 48 hours before a vehicle is expected to cross the border. You can also give an instruction to stop roaming even when your vehicle is outside Zambia.

Q: How much are your Roaming charges per day?

A: These vary by country and frequency of reporting. You can choose to receive updates on where your vehicle is located as often as every 30 seconds or as little as once every 2 hours. The less your vehicle reports the cheaper your roaming will be. You will be given indicative roaming rates for the areas you will visit.

Q: Who carries the risk if a vehicle develops problems due to installation of a tracking device?

A: Connected Car will bear the risk if a fault develops as a result of the tracking device installation. A detailed checklist is used to confirm vehicle condition before and after installation during handover-takeover. Terms and conditions apply.

Q: Does Connected Car insure against stolen goods on recovery of a stolen vehicle?

A: Connected Car is not an insurance company and therefore will not insure a vehicle or goods inside a recovered vehicle. Customers must engage with their preferred insurance companies for the necessary insurance cover.

Q: What happens in the event of a decommissioning, in the case of an accident where the vehicle is written off or in a case where a vehicle is sold?

A: A call out fee is applicable in the event that a tracking device has to be removed from one vehicle to another. It is an international standard. If the buyer of a vehicle on Connected Car wants tracking they can submit an application form and Zamtel will transfer the account into their name.

Q: What happens in the case where a tracker unit develops faults and requires maintenance?

A: The units do not require regular maintenance. However, in the event that a tracking device is faulty, Zamtel will replace the tracking device. If the fault was caused by the customer Zamtel will charge for that swap out to recover fitment costs. Call our Connected Car service line on 2111 or your dedicated Zamtel Account Manager for further enquiries.

Q: How far back can I request for reports & how long does the system keep information before archiving?

A: Connected Car Fleet Management System keeps a record of tracking information for up to 90 days. The information can be stored on a customer’s account for 30 days. Thereafter it is archived.

Q: Can the vehicle owner or fleet manager know when a vehicle is not reporting?

A: Offline notifications can be set from the FMS interface to notify the vehicle or fleet owner when the vehicle is not sending any activity data.

Q: Can I get training out of Lusaka?

A: Yes. You can talk to your Account Manager, Sales Representative or call 111/ 2111 for details.

Q: What can I do if I am failing to track my car?

A: You can get assistance from your Account Manager or call 2111.

Terms & Conditions

1. Parties

The agreement is between Zambia Telecommunication Company Limited (Zamtel) and the Customer.

2. Interpretation

2.1 Account means the Connected Car Services account administered by Zamtel.

2.2 Connected Car means the service offering from Zamtel for fleet management, vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery.

2.3 Agreement means these terms and conditions which include the Application Form and Operating instructions.

2.4 Customer means someone who subscribes for Connected Car Services who may be a corporate or juristic or other person identified on the application form as such, whose application for the Connected Car Services has been accepted.

2.5 Connected Car Services/Services means the fleet management, vehicle tracking and recovery services.

2.6 Connected Car System means a collection of methods, procedures, routines and components used in the process of tracking vehicles.

2.7 Zamtel means Zambia Telecommunication Company Limited

2.9 Hardware means the tracker unit specialised in-vehicle communication and position equipment required for the provision of the Services.

2.10 Application Form means the application form issued by Zamtel where these terms and conditions are attached.

2.11 Operating Instructions means any oral or written guidelines, operating procedures or any other Instructions provided by Zamtel from time to time.

2.12 GSM (Global system for Mobile communications) means an open, digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services.

2.13 GPS (Global Position System) means satellite navigation providing location and time information anywhere there is line of sight with at least 4 GPS satellites.

2.14 GPRS (General Packet Radio System) means a technology that enables data transfer through cellular networks.

2.15 EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) means a technology that enables data transfer at rates faster than GPRS through cellular networks.

2.16 Authorised User/User means the person/s identified in the Application Form who uses the Hardware and, from time to time after the completion of the Application Form, such other person as the Customer may identify by means of giving Zamtel notice of such particulars concerning the Authorised User as Zamtel may reasonably require.

2.17 Subscription Charge means the fee payable by the Customer to Zamtel monthly for the Services.

2.18 Primary SIM card means the SIM card of the Customer that receives notifications and also to which the main account is charged for the Services.

2.19 Territory means the geographic territory of Zambia.

3. Applying for an Account

3.1 Zamtel shall open an Account for Customer for provision of Connected Car Services provided the Customer possesses a mobile device capable of performing SMS/USSD-based transactions and a Zamtel data provisioned simcard in order to receive or send information relating to the Connected Car Services.

3.2 Customer may open the Account at any Zamtel branded shop or appointed agency.

3.3 To qualify for an Account Customer must submit:

(i) A valid identification document e.g. national ID or passport in the case of an individual application.

(ii) A certified copy of certificate of incorporation and certified copies of national /IDs of directors of the company in the case of corporates.

(iii) Proof of residence/ Proof of address and/ utility bill.

(iv) Proof of Insurance of the vehicle.

(v) A valid driver's license with the appropriate class in accordance to the vehicle to be tracked.

(vi) A valid vehicle registration book for the vehicle to be tracked.

3.4 Customer shall be deemed to have opened an Account and accepted the application for provision of Connected Car Services by:

i. Completing and signing the Application Form and providing all details and documentation required in the Application Form to Zamtel's satisfaction;

ii. Making available of Customer and/or User's vehicle for installation of the Hardware; and Payment of the Hardware Installation fee.

4. Installation of Hardware and Commencement of Services

4.1 Before Installation of Hardware Customer and/or User shall ensure that the vehicle has a working power source to power the Hardware. Should this power source be removed for extended periods of time, or somehow disconnected from the wiring of the vehicle, it may affect the operability of the Hardware. Customer shall take full responsibility of any outcome resulting from such disconnection.

4.2 As soon as reasonably possible after the installation of the Hardware on Customer's and/or User's vehicle, Zamtel shall commission the Hardware and with effect from such commission, the Connected Car Services shall be available to the Customer.

4.3 A Customer shall be deemed to have accepted installation of the Hardware by signing the Connected Car Services standard installation certificate. Zamtel shall not be liable for any claim arising from faults or damages to the vehicle and/or the vehicle's electrical systems thereafter.

4.4 Installation of Hardware in the vehicle will not affect the operation of the vehicle, specifically the operation of the vehicle's electrical and computer systems. Should it however be proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that the Installation or the Hardware has negatively affected the operation of the vehicle, Zamtel shall rectify the problem at its own cost. In the event that a fault is reported to Zamtel which fault is not due to Hardware and/or workmanship, the Customer will be liable for the costs incurred for despatching a technician, as well as the diagnostic fee.

5. Provision of the Service

5.1 Zamtel shall maintain the availability of the Services to the Customer and/or User in the Territory.

5.2 The Connected Car Services are limited to Zamtel Wireless' GSM coverage and GPS coverage and therefore Zamtel does not undertake or warrant that the Services will lead to the location of the tracked vehicle if outside the GSM and GPS coverage areas. Zamtel shall not render the Services outside the Territory.

6. Authorised Use, Care and Security

6.1 Upon registration for Connected Car Services, the Customer and/or User shall select a username and password to enable access to Connected Car Services via the Internet, which the Customer and/User may modify at any time. The Customer and/or User shall ensure that the username and password remain confidential at all times. Therefore, Zamtel shall presume that any use of the username and password is done by Customer and/or User. For that reason, Zamtel shall not be liable for any loss incurred or suffered by the Customer and/or User if the username and password are used by someone else.

6.2 Each username and password must be used by one user and is not transferable. The Customer and/or User must notify Zamtel immediately if they become aware of unauthorised usage of the username and password. Any delay in notifying Zamtel will be considered negligence on the Customer's and/or User's part and neither Zamtel nor its agents shall be held liable for any loss incurred or suffered as a result of such negligence.

6.3 The Customer and/or User is responsible for the safekeeping and must take care of the Hardware and only use it for its intended purpose. The Customer and/or User may not engage in conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, infringe on third party rights, and give rise to civil liability, violate any local or international statutes, rule or treaty. Participation in any of the aforementioned activities or any other shall be cause for disconnection or cancellation of this agreement at the discretion of Zamtel without prior notice to the Customer and/or User. Should the Customer and/or User damage the Hardware in any way or attempt to open it, or it is stolen or lost due to negligence the Customer and/or User will be responsible for the repair costs or replacement of the Hardware. Further all risk stemming from use of the Hardware by the Customer and/or User shall be borne and vest in the Customer and/or User. Zamtel, its employees, agents or affiliates shall not be liable to the Customer, User or any other party for any loss or damage suffered by them in connection with the use of the Hardware.

7. Hardware Warranty

If Hardware develops faults or becomes inoperative due to defective components, workmanship or design within 12 months of Hardware being installed for the first time, Zamtel shall either repair or replace the Hardware free of charge. If the Hardware or Installation has been tampered with, modified, repaired (except by persons authorised by Zamtel) or has otherwise been subject to water damage, misuse or collision, this warranty shall not be applicable.

8. Customer Service

During the life of this Agreement the Customer and/or User will have access to Zamtel's customer service facilities which will handle their queries and complaints.

9. Data end Privacy

The Customer and/or User hereby acknowledge and agree that:

9.1 Personal information: The Customer Is required to furnish Zamtel with personal information and other data in terms of the agreement to allow for the provision of Services. The Customer undertakes to provide such data and personal information as required in the application and to provide Zamtel with amendments to such data and personal information as and when such amendments occur. Zamtel undertakes to only use the personal information for the purpose of administering the Agreement and shall only disclose such personal information to such of its third party business partners as are necessary to enable the provision of the Services and/or if required to do so in terms of the law.

9.2 Customer Data: Pursuant to rendering the Services and the operation of the Hardware, Zamtel is required to intercept, collect, collate, process and store Customer data. With effect from the installation date, the Customer hereby consents to Zamtel intercepting collecting, collating, processing storing and maintaining Customer data. Zamtel is hereby permitted to use aggregated Customer data (which shall exclude personal information) to compile profiles for statistical purposes. The Customer agrees that Zamtel may freely utilise such profiles and statistical data.

10. Warranties and Undertakings by the Customer

10.1 The Customer warrants that the information supplied in the Application Form (including vehicle information) is true and correct and hereby undertakes to update the said information as soon as any changes occur.

10.2 The Customer warrants that he/she is the owner of the vehicle, alternatively, the Customer hereby warrants that he/she will obtain written authorisation and/or duly executed resolution and/or power of attorney from the owner authorising the Customer to enter into this Agreement with Zamtel on the owner's behalf, which written permission shall be provided to Zamtel prior to entering into this Agreement.

10.3 The Customer hereby undertakes to inform any third party driver of the vehicle that it is fitted with hardware which generates Customer Data which is intercepted and monitored by Zamtel.

10.4 The Customer indemnities and holds Zamtel harmless from any claims, costs, damages or tosses of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising as a result of the breach of the aforesaid warranties and/or undertakings.

11. Subscription Charges

11.1 In addition to the installation fee mentioned in clause 3, the Customer shall pay subscription charges monthly in advance in terms of the Zamtel's payment policy set out in clause 12. A list of these charges shall be made available at any Zamtel outlet or can be accessed by calling the Zamtel Customer Call Centre on 111 or via the Zamtel website

11.2 Zamtel shall be entitled to change the subscription charge on not less than 30 days’ prior notice to the Customer.

12 Payment Policy

12.1 Payment of subscription charges shall be made via Zamtel Kwacha or by use of airtime in the Primary SIM card, unless otherwise agreed, by the 1st day of the month in which the subscription charge shall apply.

12.2 Zamtel shall provide the Customer with a monthly invoice or statement upon request.

12.3 In the event of loss, theft and damage of Hardware due to negligence of Customer and/or User, the Customer shall pay K1950.00 or any other amount as may be prescribed by Zamtel from time to time for replacement of Hardware regardless of whether Customer wants new Hardware installed in their vehicle.

13. Additional Charges

13.1 The Customer shall be liable for the following additional charges, and any other charges applicable to any additional services, as requested by the Customer and provided by Zamtel.

13.2 The installation of the Hardware from one vehicle and the re-installation of the Hardware into another vehicle will attract an extra charge.

13.3 Zamtel may, at its discretion, elect not to de-install Hardware for purposes of re-installation into another vehicle, however, should the Customer insist on such de-installation, the Customer shall be liable for the applicable de-installation fee.

13.4 International Roaming Charges may start accruing if a vehicle with a Connected Car device using an Zamtel SIM card approaches a national border area and connects to the neighbouring country's mobile networks even without necessarily crossing the national borders. If the customer chooses to activate international SMS and/or data roaming, the customer shall be liable for any additional roaming charges that may accrue even if the vehicle was within Zambian borders.

14. Suspension and Termination of Service

14.1 Zamtel may, at its sole discretion and without incurring any liability, at any time, suspend the Services in whole or in part – If a technical failure affects the provision of the Services; If changes to or termination of the Services are required by any governmental or regulatory authority; If Customer is in default of any provision of this Agreement including the Operating Instructions and defaults in the payment of any amounts owing to Zamtel in which event the Customer will be notified thereof telephonically and/or in writing.

14.2 Notwithstanding the aforesaid, should the Customer be in default of payment of the subscription charge for 2 (two) consecutive months, Zamtel shall be entitled to suspend the Services without any further notice.

14.3 This agreement shall terminate:

14.3.1 If cancelled by the Customer on not less than one calendar month's written notice to Zamtel

14.3.2 Automatically, without prior notice and without liability on the part of Zamtel, in the event of the Customer and/or User being in breach of this Agreement, or tampering with the Hardware in any manner deemed by Zamtel in its sole and absolute discretion to be inappropriate.

14.3.3 Automatically, if Zamtel ceases to offer the Connected Car Services.

14.3.4 In the event of termination of this Agreement for whatever reason, all amounts owed to Zamtel by the Customer shall become due and payable within thirty (30) days from date of termination. Customer shall also be required to return the Hardware to Zamtel in good order and condition fair wear and tear accepted, if the Hardware is damaged Customer shall be required to pay the replacement cost of Hardware as set out in clause 12.3.

15 Limitation of Liability

1.5.1 Zamtel does not provide any warranty in respect of, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including any loss of profits, business or revenue, or any consequential loss suffered by the Customer as a result of –

15.1.1 any delay, defect or other failure in the provision of Services, the installation or operation of the Hardware, or in the GPS network, or in EDGE/GPRS network in the Territory, operating in conjunction with the Hardware or other aspects of the Connected Car System; or

15.1.2 any damages or loss to the Customer or third party through installation of the Hardware and the provision of the Services by Zamtel; or

15.1.3 any negligence on the part of Zamtel or any of its authorised agents.

16 Cession and Delegation

16.1 The Customer and/or User shall not be entitled to cede or delegate any of its rights or obligations in terms of this Agreement without the prior written consent of Zamtel, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld in the event of the Customer and/ or User wishing to dispose of the vehicle to a person who is willing and able to become a customer of Zamtel on such terms and conditions and in terms of such procedures as Zamtel may require at the time.

16.2 Zamtel shall be entitled to cede or delegate its rights or obligations in terms of this agreement to any person without the consent of the Customer

17. Addresses

17.1 The Customer chooses as their address for service of any legal process or official correspondence from Zamtel the Customer's address written on the Application Form. Zamtel selects as its address Zamtel House Head Office Cnr Church and Chilubi Roads P.O Box 37000, Lusaka, Zambia

17.2 Any notice made by one Party to the other (the addressee') may be delivered; a) by hand during the normal business hours of the addressee, such notice shall be deemed to have been received on the same day unless the contrary is proved by the addressee; b) by registered post or courier and such notice shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee on the fourth day after the date of posting unless the contrary is proved by the addressee; c) by fax or email and such notice shall be deemed to be have been received by the addressee within forty-eight hours from the time it was sent unless the contrary is proved by the addressee.

17.3 If the Customer's address changes Zamtel must be advised in writing and the change will take effect fourteen (14) days after Customer has given Zamtel notice. The same will apply to Zamtel if its address also changes.

18 General

18.3 Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by, construed or otherwise interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Zambia. The Customer and/or User shall comply with all applicable fans and governmental regulations.

18.4 Jurisdiction: The Customer and/or User agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court in Zambia in the event of any dispute heading to litigation arising out of matters in terms of this Agreement or connected there to, and in the event that Customer is found liable he shall be obliged to pay Zamtel costs at a legal practitioner-client scale and all other costs and collection commission incidental thereto and so charged.

18.5 Ownership of Hardware and Intellectual Property, the Hardware, copyright, trademarks used in connection with the Services remains the property of Zamtel. Zamtel may at its discretion transfer ownership of Hardware to Customer after an initial period of thirty-six (36) months.

18.6 The Whole Agreement: This agreement, which includes the Application Form and the Operating instructions, issued by Zamtel as amended from time to time, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties as to the subject matter hereof. Zamtel may, without the further consent or agreement of the Customer, vary any of the terms and conditions of this agreement by means of Issuing new or amended Terms and Conditions and/or Operating Instructions to the Customer from time to time during the contract period.